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What We Do

Our dedicated team assists and guides our residents' development throughout their stay. We provide individual counselling sessions and personalised support to help them craft a life map as a practical guide for setting and achieving their goals. It could include milestones such as obtaining crucial documents like a social security number, birth certificate, or a driver's license.

In addition, our case manager is readily available to address mental health concerns, collaborate with children's schools, assist with transportation needs, and navigate other social service agencies. 

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Andrea Mahone Transitional Center


House of Zion

Great bedroom design for best experience

Our Facilities

Housing with no credit requirements and no background check

Fully furnished rooms

Utilities included with free laundry facilities

Open gallery kitchen

Clean safe environment

Onsite Bible study and worship service (optional)

People holding hands to support each others

Our Services

Case management

Social service needs

Behavioral health services

Job and family service support

Budgeting courses

Employment placement

Community links to other services

Driving lessons and assistance for obtaining license

Wrap around services

Credit repair

Entrepreneurship training

Who we serve

Reuniting Children and Mothers

Returning Citizens

People Living with Mental Health Issues

Emancipated Children’s Services Individuals

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